Creating a landscape with purpose is a sure way in order to improve the comfort and beauty of your house. As a matter of fact, landscaping helps blend manmade structures such as your house or swimming pool or your front walk into the natural surroundings as well as gives you the chance to allow your creative juices flow. When you create a landscape with purpose, it all begins with choosing the correct plants for display.  


Some professional and licensed landscaping companies have dedicated 4 huge trial beds in their gardens to assembling several different combinations of plants which not only develop together but helping each other. These beds aid you identify which plants grow best in a humid and hot feature and climate an array of distinct aesthetics. In addition to that, they also combine natural elements such as caladiums, grasses, flowering annuals, and a lot more with hardscape elements like wooden raised planters and ceramic pots, to mimic how their end customers may design their landscape beds. 

When designing a landscape, you should make sure that you consider factors which might affect the components of the landscape as well as the layout. You should then ask the following questions: 

  1. How much sunlight does your area receive?
  2. What permanent structures such as buildings, fencing, bodies of water, porches or decks are in the area?
  3. What activities will you do in and out of the area? For instance, do your normal entertainment in that space? 
  4. What’s the soil like? Clay, silty, sandy? How much water does the soil retain?

Once you have answered these following questions, then you are definitely ready to start. Furthermore, take a good look at some regions of the landscape beds for inspiration. 

Garden Transitions 

Fall is fast approaching and the professional landscaping company could not be more prepared for milder weather. However, saying farewell to sweltering temps does not necessarily mean you need to part ways with the summer blooms yet.  

Fertilize Your Summer Plants 

Nutrition and health wellness play a very important part in keeping the summer plants develop and grow until the weather becomes cooler. Plants that bear flowers expend more energy flowering during summer and a lot of people might fertilize less frequent as the season goes on. Having said that, a good jolt of fertilizer may be a great help to keep the plants bloom as well as the foliage a healthy green. 

Go to Your Local Garden Service Center for New Flowering Annuals 

If some of your flowering plants have not developed so well because of the brutal sun and heat, proceed to your garden center for some hardy replacements. You may also like to spruce up your landscape or containers with annuals such as coleus, petunias or marigolds. Aside from that, these types of flowering annuals provide you with amazing color during the transition of the fall and they also work well together with fall item like mums. If you want to know more information for your landscape, make sure that you reach out to the professionals.