Limb trimming and tree removal is actually considered as a very serious task, even for skilled and experienced professional tree service providers. In addition to that, even though the experts often advise commercial and residential property owners to use a qualified and proven effective tree service for a dependable tree removal job as well as for the trimming of limbs, it is still advisable that you only hire a professional and truly licensed tree removal company in order to make sure that the job will be done right the first time around. 

Tree Removal

However, if you still plan on trying a DIY tree removal process, make sure that you carefully follow these very helpful tips that we have put together in order to ensure that you protect yourself carefully as well as in order for you to get the tree removal job done safely and properly. 

Wear Safety Gears

Safety glasses, a hard hat, as well as heavy gloves can actually be able to help you a lot in protection you or your partners in this job from potentially harmful flying debris, falls, bites, stings, cuts, as well as electrocution. As a matter of fact, safety chaps and ear protection are also extremely important if you are planning to use a chainsaw.  

Furthermore, chaps will help in stopping the blade right away the moment you accidentally dropped the bar against your leg, which prevents some totally serious injuries. Aside from that, as you would with any heavy-duty outdoor job, you should always make sure that you wear slip-resistant shoes as well as long sleeves. 

Check the Power Lines Carefully

Make sure that you do not get too close to a live wire. As a matter of fact, you do not have to get in contact with a live wire in order to get hurt. The truth is that even touching the tree branch that is touching the live wire can definitely cause you a fatal injury. Having said that, if the tree that you are considering to remove is within ten feet of the power line, then never try working on it. Instead, it’s more ideal if you call the professional help of an expert tree removal company or an electric company. Usually, they will send someone in order to help turn off the line or insulate during the entire tree removal process. 

Make Sure to Stay on Solid Ground

You should never attempt any tree removal project unless it lets you keep your both on the ground firmly. In fact, it is quite very easy to get into trouble right away the moment an untrained and inexperienced individual attempt to prune large trees from a ladder. In this case, it is highly recommended by experts that you call a professional instead as this still remains as the safest, efficient, and most effective option whenever you need a proper, safe, and timely tree removal service. Aside from that, it is really best that you hire a professional tree removal company such as to do the job since they have the right tools and specialized equipment to perform any job related to tree removal.