A well-maintained swimming pool may be the best spot of your yard. Fun for the family, your pool may be the highlight of summer activities and fun. However, the swimming pool does need proper care and maintenance on an everyday basis to keep the water clear and clean. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of swimming pool maintenance tips that can be used in order to keep your pool as clean as possible, thus, will continue to maintain the pool in its top shape for many summer seasons to come. 


 Ideal Chlorine Levels 

The chlorine tablets are basically a very reliable procedure of pool sanitation, for they help maintain your pool free of toxic bacteria and very hard to eradicate algae. Checking out the chlorine levels of your swimming pool every day is the first thing to making sure that your swimming pool is kept swimmable and clear. Most of the pool repair services recommend keeping your pool’s chlorine levels beyond 1 ppm. If the chlorine levels decrease below this mark, the algae may appear to your pool overnight and it usually takes a few days to clear out. Correct use of the chlorine is a very essential precautionary measure. 

Water Circulation and Filter 

Some bacteria such as the algae, which threaten your swimming pool like to thrive in slow-moving or standing water. In order to avoid these algae to thrive to your pool, you should make sure that the pool pump is circulating the water in your swimming pool accordingly. In addition to that, this will aid to distribute the chlorine evenly throughout your pool. Another way in order to keep the water circulating around your pool is to go there and swim. However, the main concern for this water motion is to constantly clean out the filter of the pool. If your pool filter becomes congested with debris, leaves and other dirt, the water won’t filter accordingly thus, it will not move throughout the pool and at the same time, the growth of the algae is allowed in your pool. 

 Algae Prevention and Pool Cleaning 

With the use of the chlorine, having a functional pool pump and clearing out the filter of the pool are all significant methods in order to keep the pool water as clean as possible. Hence, this is still not quite enough to prevent the algae and other bacteria from growing. There’s still final pool maintenance tips the resident should do every week just to make sure the cleanliness of the pool is really achieved. Every week, ensure to brush the flooring and the walls of your pool. This will certainly help filter out debris which can build up and will take off small amounts of algae which may have already started to form. It is also suggested to add a little amount of algaecide into your pool’s water to terminate the remaining algae if any. Maintaining a wonderful swimming pool is like having a full-time job however, it is actually worth it to have your own brilliant oasis in your backyard. This is why the best way to maintain your pool properly and to have proper pool equipment and cleaning, make sure that you only hire the experts in this field.